About Serdar Yener

Chef Serdar Yener has over 40 years of experience in cake decorating, working in many 5 star hotel chains around the world. He has competed in many international competitions and been awarded "Best Pastry Artist" in Igeho, Switzerland 1987 & "Best Pastry Chef" in Singapore, Food Asia 1990. His Sugar centrepieces were displayed in museums in France, Switzerland & Singapore. Serdar has also judged at major culinary competitions including the World Pastry Championships in USA. He moved to the Gold Coast, Australia in 1992 and led the pastry kitchen of Conrad Jupiters. Five years after that, he opened his family business and produced thousands of wedding and novelty cakes. In April 2014, together with his son Serkan, they founded YenersWay.com where they publish detailed video cake decorating tutorials that make it possible for almost anyone to replicate his amazing creations. Since then, Serdar has connected with thousands of subscribers worldwide and is delighted to impart his knowledge of accumulated tips and tricks with coming generations of cake decorators. He is also publishing regular tutorials on his YouTube channel, Yeners Cake Tips which has over a quarter of a million subscribers. Serdar Yener has been awarded several times with finalist in "Best online Teacher" and "Cake Hero" categories at the UK Cake Masters Oscars. He won the title of "Best online Teacher of the Year" at ACADA and ACDN in Australia. The father and son team also published a Cake designing and management web application called Cakenote in 2019. Serdar continues to produce educational tutorials and travels around the globe conducting his hands-on classes.
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About Yeners Pastillage

Pastillage had existed since the 17th century, way before any other commercial sugar pastes were known. It is a pliable sugar paste similar to gum paste that can be moulded into different shapes and forms. When dried, it is hard and brittle. Unlike gum paste, pastillage dries much quicker and stronger. Original pastillage made with gelatine, firm glucose, water and icing sugar, hardens quickly and can only be shaped or moulded for a short while by hand. If handled too long, the surface of the pastillage will begin to dry and crack. It can also be rolled into a variety of thicknesses and cut into shapes to dry and join later. Due to its challenging quick drying behaviour, it wasn't the most prefered medium by some cake decorators. On the other hand, it has the most reliable structural strength to achieve extremely high edible toppers and centrepieces.

Chef Serdar Yener has worked with pastillage for over 40 years. In 2019 Yeners Way and Sugarin collaborated all their experiences to create Yeners Pastillage. All cake artists expectations have been taken into consideration, and extensive research has been done to fine-tune the recipe and overcome the difficulties of common pastillage. Gelatine is replaced with alternate ingredients to achieve a vegan version. Yeners Pastillage is a hassle-free and user-friendly version of pastillage, which allows cake artists to elevate their artistry to the next level. Make your cake dreams come true with Yeners Pastillage!